Gianni J. Favaretto

User Experience, Design, and Leadership.

My Work Experience

In User Experience & Design since 1999

I build, mentor and curate teams with the intent of developing individuals to be avid learners, motivated, collaborative, caring, and creative problem-solvers.

I design and prototype products, interfaces, and everything else while thinking strategically and being users driven. I spontaneously challenged the status quo (with all the consequences that that brings), and I took advantage of all available resources to exceed everyone's expectations.

Sainsbury's Argos

As Head of UX and Product Design, I am leading the User Experience, Product Design, UX Research, and UX Writing teams to create digital experiences across mobile, desktop, application, in-store and new channels as they emerge in Argos, Argos Financial Services, Tu Clothing, and Habitat.

Ocado Smart Platform

Built, scaled and mentored the team responsible for the User Experience and Design of the Ocado Smart Platform, B2B and B2C, Responsive Web, and native Apps.

Fabled by Marie Claire

From a startup to a scale-up phase, I led an in-house agile UX and Design team, all of the UX and design vision and outcomes, and contributed to the brand development.

Fetch and Sizzle

From a startup to a scale-up phase, I built, grew and curated an in-house agile UX and Design team while leading all aspects of the UX and design as well as contributing to the brand development.

I led the design and the core UX features of the Webshop and awarded IOS native mobile and tablet apps. I have been on the front-line in delivering Ocado's most significant shopping experience redesign.


User Experience, Design, Art Direction, UI Development, Accessibility consultancy, Branding and Training. Clients include Macromedia, Sun Microsystem, Nasa, ENI, Accor, Novartis, Thomson Reuters, CIM e-Banking, Sacbo International Airport, and more.


I was selected to be part of the Macromedia Specialist Group (20/25 over 600 professionals). Trained and qualified Consultant, instructor and speaker during road shows and conferences held by Macromedia Italia.

Macromedia was an American graphics, multimedia and web development software company headquartered in San Francisco, California that produced such products as Flash and Dreamweaver. Its rival, Adobe Systems, acquired Macromedia on December 3, 2005.


I Designed and supervised the delivery of interface concepts and all the graphics that enhanced the appearance of websites and web applications.

I headed up a team of web designers.

I educated clients about the similarities and differences between Internet communication and other forms of marketing and public relations efforts..


As a web designer in a start-up enviroment, I translated the client vision into a useable and visually appealing web solution. I worked side by side with a team of high profile developers and network specialist.

Utah Valley University

I worked with Professor Gale on evaluating students' web design work. I designed and developed the University’s websites and educational applications based on W3C accessibility standards.