Gianni J. Favaretto

User Experience, Design, and Leadership.

Ocado Smart Platform

Team & Design Leadership Mar 2015 - Jan 2019

Built, scaled, and mentored
a multi-disciplinary UX team (Researchers, Architects, Designers and UI Engineers).
for all aspects of UX and the UI design of the Ocado Smart Platform (Desktop and Mobile B2B and B2C applications).
Defined and executing
the user experience vision, strategy, team's code of conduct, user-centered design direction and guidelines.
a strong technology-based culture by injecting a more user-centered and problem-solving mindset and process.
with designers, developers and product owners to implement new conceptual ideas.
multidisciplinary teams' collaboration.

UX Academy

Our mission is to contribute positively to the growth of Ocado Technology’s culture by injecting a more user centred mindset across the business. We are trying to fulfil our mission by regularly planning events such as talks and workshops where we discuss UX principles and share our learning and results. To reinforce collaboration and empathy (both ways), we started a UX work experience programme, where developers and product owners have the opportunity to work full time as a UXer for a typical time of two weeks.

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